A CLYDEBANK musician has revealed that his band is set to release their debut single this summer after being invited to record it at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.

The Odd Socks – formed of Dean Freeman, Oran McBride, and Hassi White – visited the iconic London studio at the end of January.

The trio were able to use “millions of pounds worth of equipment” – also used by the likes of Led Zepplin and Adele - to record their first-ever single ‘De Ja Vu’.

Clydebank Post: Reflecting on the experience Dean, who grew up in John Knox Street, told the Post it was a “surreal” trip and hinted at what fans can expect from the track.

The 29-year-old said: “When we pulled up to Abbey Road we got the opportunity to be shown around the studio.

“After calming down from seeing all of the expensive equipment around us we went into the Gate House and we were told that Noel Gallagher, Harry Styles, and recently Adele had recorded in that room.

“The producers told us that Led Zepplin had recorded using the same kit we were using and we got to have a shot of Paul McCartney’s piano.

“It was a surreal experience. We got a lot of feedback whilst we were there, everybody was so helpful and they were really hyped for what we were doing.

“The track is called De Ja Vu and it has a right good summer vibe. It’s really punchy and has an old-school feel to it.

“It’s our style and represents our identity, who we are as a band. It’s good for the soul, it’ll get you dancing.”

After finishing two days of recording at Abbey Road the boys were preparing to make the long car journey home.

Clydebank Post: Dean explained it was at this moment that it began to sink in what had just happened.

The 29-year-old said he listened to the track “over 100 times” during the eight-hour drive and that it made him quite emotional.

He added: “As a young band, this was our first recording experience and everyone at Abbey Road made us feel at ease.

“We wrote the song a couple of days before we went down to London and when we finished recording, during the car ride home which was maybe eight hours long, I think we must have listened to the track over 100 times.

“I was crying, not understanding what we had just done. It was sinking in once we’d left. The next steps would be getting in talks with a couple of radio stations to get the track out there, have it out for presale, and then we’ll do a single launch.

“It will be available on every platform. From there, we’re hoping to hit number one on iTunes and hopefully, we’re getting ourselves into a few festivals at the end of the year but we’re waiting to see about that.”