Channel 5 is launching a new television series that will chronicle the life-saving work of the NHS Golden Jubilee University National Hospital in Clydebank, one of the UK’s busiest hospitals.

The Heart Hospital will document the lives of both staff and patients, focusing on heart disease as it continues to be one of UK's biggest killers, killing one person every three minutes.

Kit Morey, commissioning editor, Unscripted, Channel 5 and Paramount+, said: "The Heart Hospital is a series about love. Our hearts embody every range of emotion – joy, hope, excitement and at times, when they break, fear and vulnerability.

"But most of all, this incredible organ represents love and inside the NHS Golden Jubilee we capture that emotion in bucketloads. I am so looking forward to bringing this impactful new series to Channel 5’s viewers."

The Heart Hospital meets the specialist staff who provide a lifeline to patients and their loved ones in dire times.

Adeline Ramage Rooney, executive producer and creative director for BBC Studios Factual Entertainment, said: “We are thrilled to have gained such extraordinary access to the world-class heart unit of the NHS Golden Jubilee and to be making this life-affirming new series for Channel 5.

"The series will follow multiple patients’ emotional journeys in every episode – from relatively simple routine surgeries through to dramatic, life-or-death heart transplants. We’ll be there in the operating room as medical staff try to make miracles happen and loved ones wait anxiously for news.”

Sandie Scott, director of strategic communications for NHS Golden Jubilee, said it is important for patients and the public to see the quality care, compassion and dedication the team provides.

She said: "We are delighted to be involved in making The Heart Hospital.

"As an NHS organisation, our team makes a difference every day to the lives of patients and families across Scotland and we thank everyone involved for allowing these important stories to be told.”

The series will be directed by Mark O’Brien and Cailean Watt.