AN ADOPTED Bankie opening the ‘first-ever’ chiropractic clinic in Clydebank revealed a visit to a similar practice in Helensburgh changed the course of his life.

Former military man Allan Nicol suffered an injury whilst in uniform in 2007 and sought help from a chiropractor for problems with his back.

Now, seven years later, Allan – who chose the town to open his Thistle Chiropractic Clydebank because his mum had shop Poppy Fields there for 25 years – says his only aim is to give people who struggle with aches and pains their life back.

Speaking exclusively to The Clydebank Post, he said: “The name Thistle actually began because I went to the namesake in Helensburgh.

“It was a moment that was life-changing.”

A decade after that moment, Allan had left the military and at 39, decided his next career step was going to become a chiropractor and one day his own boss.

He began studying in Manchester for five years at a cost of £100,000 but is now looking ahead to the future after setting up a practice at Clydebank Business Park.

“I have always had an affinity with Clydebank because of my mum’s shop,” Allan continued.

“I still remember going down the road parallel to Kilbowe Road to go into the back entrance of her shop.

“Clydebank’s has always been one of the places that I am in my heart.”

When Allan began looking at places to call home for his new outlet, he says he couldn’t believe an area as big as Clydebank didn’t already have a chiropractor.

He finished: “It is really really rewarding.

“What I find is, and people don’t realise, everyone just needs an MOT.

“People come in with pain and complaints and their alignment is just off.

“And see when you bring back the alignment to people, the positivity and the results are amazing.”

Allan’s practice has been pretty much full since he opened at the beginning of February.

You can find him at Unit 20 at the business park, in the Holistic Warehouse. Call 07455613804 for more information.