The daughter of a dog owner insists she is both shaken and angry after a couple known to her family allegedly stole her mum’s pet last night.

Melissa George admits she hadn’t slept a wink following the incident on Thursday evening when Belgian Milanos Poppy was bundled into a car whilst out on a walk.

Thankfully, Melissa and mum Liz retrieved pup Poppy on Friday morning after confronting the man they suspected of taking the dog whilst driving past him.

And the relieved Knightswood woman explained she contacted police and rescue centres amid a frantic night searching for the much-loved canine.

Melissa said: “We were really really worried. None of us had slept, we had been up all night, waiting for somebody to say they knew where she was so we could go and get her.

“Our wee one Bethany has been diagnosed with epilepsy, and when she takes a seizure Poppy lies on top of her because she can sense when something is going to happen, when something isn’t right in the room.

“Bethany was extremely upset last night, asking if she was ever going to see Poppy again, saying it wasn’t fair because we had just lost Chopsy, and she feared she was going to lose both dogs in the space of three months.”

Clydebank Post: Cheeko - known as Chopsy (left) - and Poppy (right)Cheeko - known as Chopsy (left) - and Poppy (right) (Image: Suppled)

Owner Liz previously had another dog named Chopsy alongside Poppy.

However, after the former passed away in November, Liz struggled with her mental health and recently accepted friends to take Poppy out for walks now and again.

And it was when these friends were returning from the chippy along Alderman Road and Polnoon Avenue with Poppy that a red car allegedly pulled up behind them and began shouting the dog’s name.

The unaware dogwalkers didn't recognise the callers and before they knew it Poppy was picked up and put in a car which then sped off with the pup in tow.

“We did have relief when we got her back,” Melissa continued.

“But we also had anger. My mum has been betrayed.

“The dog is absolutely traumatised.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 6.45pm on Thursday, February 22, 2024, we received a report of a dog having been stolen whilst being walked in the Polnoon Avenue area of Knighstwood, Glasgow.

“Officers are following a number of lines of enquiry.”