A PROUD Bankie insists she is constantly telling guests of her successful podcast about the strong work ethic and warmth of the residents of Clydebank.

Lynn Lester works, lives, and hosts her ‘Working Class to World Class’ podcast in the town and admits her goal is to spread the word and put Clydebank back on the map.

In October 2022, The Clydebank Post told how Lynn was getting set to launch her new podcast, an interview-style show where she talks to “underdogs” who have turned a dream into a successful career.

Now, 15 months on and after sitting down with the likes of Simple Minds Jim Kerr, world-famous photographer Rankin and more recently Hollywood Scot Ross King, Lynn explained she just loves digging into the stories behind the name in front of her.

Speaking exclusively again to the Post, she said: “Generally, in a lot of interviews, I mention Clydebank. I don’t necessarily go into the town in great detail, but I talk about the warmth of the people here and that people would give you the coat on their back to keep you warm.

“Some of that isn’t even recorded, more in the preamble before we hit go.

“But I try and put Clydebank on the map because I am proud of where I come from.

“The big thing I have been trying to make the point of, in this new world, it does not matter where you live, you can be super successful wherever you are.

“As long as you are prepared to put in the hard graft, to travel and do different things.

“So, I think I have maybe demonstrated the hardworking nature of the Clydebank people.”

Lynn splits her time away from the podcast with heading up one of the biggest marketing websites in the world, The Drum as managing director of events and going on trips with family, and her sisters, where she chatted to Knightswood-born TV presenter Ross King from a caravan in Nairn whilst he sat in Los Angeles.

“He’s really charismatic, really nice,” Lynn adds.

“We just hit it off. He was just lovely.

“I think he was very endearing about being from Knightswood and not quite making it as a footballer.

“I think he was extremely candid.”

Working Class to World Class has been watched and listened to nearly 70,000 times across platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

But the Clydebank girl notes the building success of the brand hasn’t changed her, and has promised a few more special guests are already lined up for future episodes.

She continued: “One thing I would say now because I have been doing it for so long; before I used to over-prep.

“I used to check people out, I knew what they liked and what they didn’t like, their family, where they came from.

“Now, the only caveat I’ve got is that they’ve got to be working class.

“But I don’t really prep for these interviews anymore, I just do it as a real, normal chat.”

Before finishing: “I think I have just remained who I am. I have never faulted who I am as a person.

“I speak to my guests in the way I would speak to my family, although a bit more polite.

“A few guests have said to me, they feel it is therapy for them. A handful of people have said they can’t believe they have told me as much as they did.

“For me, the podcast exists to inspire people.

“And I think the only way to do that is through diversity of thought and that comes from different people from different backgrounds, different genres, different colours and different locations.

“I have tried to make it as global as can be.

“I’ve interviewed people in Singapore and America, from business to music to sport.

“From that point of view, it has gone really well, because I've wanted it to be as diverse as it has been.”