A DRIVEN Bankie insists he won’t stop trying to ‘Clean up Clydebank’ from dropped litter despite admitting it can be an ‘uphill battle’ sometimes.

Since 2019, Jonathan Rainey has been picking up litter in woodlands around Faifley in his spare time and is organising a group waste collection event at the start of March in the hope of encouraging other locals to help keep the area tidy.

The 29-year-old stopped picking up rubbish at Abbeylands Road for a period in July 2022 but noticed a build-up again of drinks bottles, cans, takeaway boxes and chairs when passing behind the co-op at the start of 2024.

And he is urging Faifley natives to join him on March 2 to once again ‘take pride’ in the nature in the community.

Speaking exclusively to The Clydebank Post, Jonathan said: “I thought about doing something to give back to the community and most importantly to help bring the community together.

“Not just in Abbeylands Road, but also the other roads in Faifley that have been surrounded by this litter.

“I hope to bring back that sense of pride they have in the area.”

Jonathan’s commitment to removing the scourge of litter is commendable, with the former food bank volunteer providing fellow pickers on the day with the full kit, such as litter grabbers, high-viability vests, gloves and bin bags for up to 24 people.

And he explained he NEEDS the help of others as the problem of discarded waste won’t go away if picking it up is left just to him.

Clydebank Post: The 29-year-old hopes others will join him on March 2The 29-year-old hopes others will join him on March 2 (Image: Tom Grant)

“I wouldn’t say it has been getting worse over the years,” Jonathan continued.

“But in my opinion, it has always been there.

“I am not saying all people are bad. Those who litter on purpose represent a tiny minority of people who live there.

“I’d encourage people to join me to help clean up the area.”

The keen environmentalist wants anyone who is interested to meet him at 10am on March 2 at the walkway junction of the woods at the side of the Co-Op/Keystore.

The pick will likely run until about 12noon but Jonathan is happy to remain on until 1pm if others are.

“There are some people now and again who come over and say I am doing a grand job or something along those lines,” he finished.

“A funny story, in 2021, I was litter-picking at the top of Faifley Knowes, and a female German tourist came over and was over the top and complementary about what I was doing.

“She then went on to chastise many of us Scots for littering.”