The man bringing an alternative gym concept to Clydebank for the first has vowed to help Bankies achieve their fitness goals by welcoming them into his workout “community.”

Will Wemyss launched his CrossFit APC earlier this month and promised a training zone with a difference where interacting with on-hand coaches and other users is fully encouraged.

The Inverness-born man has been a personal trainer since 2015 and transitioned over to CrossFit – a fitness regime that involves constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity – a year later.

Now, as Will admits having his own gym has been a “dream come true”, the Highlander explained just why bringing something new to the people of Clydebank was a big motivator for him.

Speaking exclusively to The Clydebank Post, he said: “Clydebank just didn’t have a CrossFit gym.

“CrossFit is a little bit different to your normal gym.

“When I went around and did my market research, yes the area has like Puregym and yes it has private independent gyms, but it doesn’t quite have a CrossFit gym.

“And what makes this gym a bit different is we work directly with charities; we will have a day every week where we will make the classes free.

“We are actively involved in trying to encourage kids to come down and have after-school stuff.

“So, essentially, what CrossFit is, it’s built around community.

“When I was doing my market research in Clydebank, I felt it was missing the link of togetherness in fitness terms.

“I didn’t really see a space for all the mums and the parents and the dads to go and hang out on a Saturday morning.”

Will has held lofty ambitions of owning a place for years before the Covid pandemic stopped those goals in their tracks.

But a chance phone call from an estate agent had him dreaming again, even if it did come about sooner than he had planned.

“I got a call about an opportunity to have a look at a unit and I just didn’t want to pass it up,” he continued.

“It was a bit of a lucky situation, somebody messaged me to say they had a unit available, one I had looked at before.

“Essentially it was an opportunity to have my own place. I wasn’t looking to do it at the time, I was thinking about January to revisit that dream, but the dream has been in the pipeline for a while, and it was just a case of building funds to get to where we are today.”

Will and his team opened last Saturday with their first open-to-all CrossFit class and he aims to create a “come in and chill” environment alongside free classes and a community feel to his gym.

He finished: “In a commercial gym, you’ve got mirrors, you stick your headphones on and you don’t speak to folk.

“However, when you come into the gym here, you’ll find the music is on, but it is not very loud, because everybody is talking.

“And every time you come into our gym you are coached, and that’s what makes out stand out as well.

“Whenever you are in our gym – you are not alone. You have the opportunity to do what you like, but there will always be a coach available.”