A TALENTED youth kickboxer came out on top recently after winning four medals in just one month.

Tyler-James Cervenka-Semple won a silver and bronze medal at the Angus Kickboxing Promotions and two silver medals at the International Kickboxing Open in January.

Clydebank Post: The ten-year-old from Knightswood explained that he is ‘more determined than ever’ ahead of his next competition and reflected on what inspired him to take up the sport.

Tyler-James said: “I’ve been training for almost a year now. I go to kickboxing every Tuesday at Clydebank Leisure Centre and practise for two hours.

“My favourite part is sparring and fighting. I wanted to start kickboxing because I wondered what it would be like to fight competitively after watching movies such as The Karate Kid with my dad.

“It looked cool and fancy. I can’t wait until my next competition. It’s on April 27 and it’s a big, big one at Braehead Arena [World Karate & Kickboxing Commission Scottish Open].

“There’s going to be hundreds of competitors at it so to prepare I have been coming to my classes, training most days, and eating a lot healthier.

“I didn’t win anything last April so this time I’m going to try and bring something home. It’s made me more determined to work harder.”

Kickboxing isn’t the only sport that the Knightswood Primary pupil takes part in.

In fact, the youngster revealed that he trains six days a week in the likes of football, karate, kickboxing, and running.

We previously reported that Tyler-James had taken up the role of being his dad’s running guide after he lost his eyesight in 2014.

Clydebank Post: Tyler-James and his dad Jay Cruz SempleTyler-James and his dad Jay Cruz Semple (Image: Newsquest Staff)The schoolboy continues to attend park runs and bigger events such as The Great Scottish Run with his dad Jay Cruz Semple.

He added: “My dad did inspire me with a lot of my sports. I’d like to be a footballer or professional fighter when I grow up.

“I think it’s good to learn how to play a couple of sports and it’s so much fun. I usually ask people who are more advanced than me for help as it helps me get more experience.”

Tyler-James’ dad praised his son for his determination and commitment to sports.

The pair are set to take on Run Loch Lomond in June which they complete annually for Father’s Day.

Jay said: “I always tell him as long as you do your best and give it your all, Dad is super proud of you. Tyler-James also comes with me to the Thai Boxing Gym in Yoker on Wednesdays.

“Sometimes the guys from Thai Boxing will help out as they can see so they’ll hold up the pads and will work on his combinations.

“When he goes to kickboxing on Tuesdays we try and get there half an hour early and I’ll bring the kick shield, and shin pads, and we’ll work on his training.

“On a Saturday we’ll do the park run at Knightswood and he’ll run with me as my running guide then we’ll go to karate.

“We try to do as much as we can to try and get him prepared. He’s doing great.”