A CLYDEBANK man who threatened to burn down a block of flats in Alexandria has been returned to jail.

Christopher Murray, 27, appeared from custody at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on February 6 having admitted breaching his supervised release order.

He previously pleaded guilty to threatening residents at a property in Halkett Crescent on July 23, 2021. He also challenged them to fight, threw a bottle at the building and shouted and swore.

He also had a knife and presented the weapon to a man's neck and body. Murray further assaulted a cop, kicking him on the body.

Court papers listed him as previously a resident of Duncombe View, Clydebank.

At the hearing, his own defence solicitor admitted a social work report on his client "makes for bleak reading".

He added: "I'm at a loss to make suggestions. It's the worst I have seen in terms of prospects."

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry jailed Murray for nine months for breaching his supervised release.

At a hearing in August 2022, the court was told Murray was high on drugs at the time of the incident.

He was bawling, “Everyone come out”, “Youse are all fat b******s” and “I’m going to burn the flat down and slit your throats”.

The man then pulled out a large black-handled knife from his shorts and started waving it around on the street.

He went into the common close and repeatedly struck a random door with the blade, leaving large gouges.

A man who was passing on his bike went to stop and help, but Murray ran up to him and held it to his throat and chest.

Murray was in the building shouting for residents to "get ready" before he was handcuffed. He then lashed out at police.

As he was being led away, he escaped and ran towards a woman who was shouting at him. Cops caught him and arrested him on the ground. When they pulled him up, he tried to headbutt an officer and kicked another to the chest.

He admitted to officers later: “I’m sorry, I was going to do him. I was going to cut his throat.”