When we do the Looking Back feature, we often look for cherished moments from the past that locals will remember with fondness and a smile.

More times than not, the papers of the past feature fun community events and your kids growing up, something to chuckle about over dinner.

But every now and again, you discover something you did not expect.

And this week is one of those weeks, after finding none other than the late Keith Chegwin visiting the area to eat some chips.

Not a sentence I'd ever thought I'd write but that's what we had in February 2009.


1. Disco Divas

Clydebank Post: St Stephen’s Primary kidsSt Stephen’s Primary kids (Image: Stock)

Groovy pupils strictly came dancing at their after-school class. The kids at St Stephen’s Primary, in Dalmuir, showed they had rhythm at the session where they had fun while keeping fit at the same time.

2. Plain sailing for boats

Clydebank Post: Braving the coldBraving the cold (Image: Stock)

Pupils braved the icy snow to launch hand-crafted boats. The youngsters at Blairdardie Primary constructed the vessels in class before visiting a nearby stream in Knightswood Park to float them.

3. Everybody needs good neighbours

Clydebank Post: Celebrating their European neighboursCelebrating their European neighbours (Image: Stock)

Pupils celebrated their knowledge of our European neighbours with a special assembly.

The classes at St Ninian’s Primary, in Knightswood, performed sketches they had learned about the different countries and there were rewards of Polish treats for the best presentations.

Pupils Charlie Dolan, Sean Mackay, Kaitlin Lee, Keiran Kelly, Lauren Sinclair, Abby McTaggart, Diane Dawson, Corrina Monti and Amy Whitelaw all got rewarded with a box of Polish treats for their top-notch performances.

4. Hoop hoop hooray at after-school club

Clydebank Post: Shooting hoopsShooting hoops (Image: Stock)

Slam dunking pupils shot some hoops in an after-school basketball session.

Coaches from the council’s Sports Development team and Clydebank College were on hand to offer the St Stephen’s Primary pupils expert advice on their dribbling, blocking and shooting at the Dalmuir school.

5. Kids keeping fit

Clydebank Post: Staying in shapeStaying in shape (Image: Stock)

Keen youngsters couldn’t use an excuse for not getting fit after a new mobile gym was launched.

 The innovative pilot scheme — an Activ8 gym — consisted of nine resistance machines and nine junior spin bikes, and officially opened in February 2009.

The gym toured around the area for two years.

6. Cheggers serves up award to top chippy

Clydebank Post: The late Keith ChegwinThe late Keith Chegwin (Image: Stock)

CHEEKY chip-loving Keith Chegwin buzzed into the area to proclaim a chippy the best in the business.

Funnyman Cheggers delighted residents who turned out to see him outside the victorious Frying Scotsman chip shop with a string of jokes and even a song about his love of chips.

The fryer scooped the award for the best chips in the country, as well as Cheggers’ personal award for great chips.

A crowd gathered to greet the energetic television personality as he bounced in after morning appearances on radio shows.

Grabbing a microphone to address the people outside the Knightswood shop, Cheggers said: “So does the Frying Scotsman have the best chips?

“What’s so good about them? I love chips I do.”