Water bills will rise by 8.8% for homes in Clydebank from April.

The Scottish Water charge is added to council tax bills, so despite a freeze in the local authority charge, people’s overall bills will be higher than last year.

Scottish Water said the rise is necessary to carry out investment in the network.

While some politicians have criticized the hike, the boss of the firm said it is a rise of 70p per week.

It means a bill for someone in a Band C home will see the combined water and waste water charge increase to £485.68.

Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour deputy leader, said the Scottish Government, which is implementing the council tax freeze should stop the water charge increase.

She said: “This eye-watering increase will pile pressure on struggling families and it beggars belief that SNP Ministers nodded it through.
“The SNP should stand up for Scots and stop this massive increase from going ahead.”
Scottish Water said in the last two years the rise was not enough to cover the investment required.

Alex Plant, Chief Executive of Scottish Water, said: “Our core services play a vital role in the daily lives of millions of people in Scotland.

“As a publicly owned body, we have a clear responsibility to ensure what people pay is affordable and set at a fair level for both current and future generations.

“The Board’s decision on charges for 24/25 recognises the need for significant investment to protect services now and for the future as climate change means that more volatile weather conditions are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

“Whilst increases in bills are never welcome, and we acknowledge that cost-of-living pressures remain this 70p a week on average increase will set us on a pathway to recover ground lost over the past two years when charges were set at a level lower than allowed for under the regulatory settlement.”

When asked about Scottish Water bills, hours before the 8.8% rise was announced, Humza Yousaf said in Parlaiment:  "The average charge in England and Wales is 10 percent higher than in Scotland, at £448 compared with a charge in Scotland of £408.

"With Scottish Water, we end up getting better levels of service in comparison to England and Wales. We get lower water charges in Scotland than in England. We get a publicly owned water company, in which every penny of profit is reinvested in the public service, unlike in England, where the member’s party is in charge and shareholders get millions in dividends. We get water quality at 87 per cent good or at a high level, as assessed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency."

Graeme Simpson , Conservative MSP, who asked the question, said later: “Humza Yousaf must have known these punishing water bill hikes were going to be announced when he was asked about it in the parliament.

“Instead of coming clean, he waffled on about charges in England.

“Just hours later the news of the inflation-busting 8.8% rise was sneaked out in a Scottish water press release.

“Humza Yousaf should have had the guts to tell parliament but clearly didn’t want to face the music over this increase which punishes hard-working Scots.”

The charge, which is on top of the council tax is below.

Unmetered Household Charges 2024/25

Council Tax Band

Water Supply

Waste Water Collection

Combined Services


Band A





Band B





Band C





Band D





Band E





Band F





Band G





Band H