A FED-UP Knightswood man explained he once found a whole kitchen suite lying outside his home which has become a popular spot for fly-tippers.

Dave Speirs insists the scourge of fly-tipping at the back of his Rotherwood Lane flat has been a constant for his entire eight and a half years of living there.

Just last week, Dave awoke to find a fresh pile of rubbish abandoned at the problematic spot, blocking his garage which housed his car.

And the exasperated local admits over the years, he has found all sorts dumped on the lane.

He said: “Every couple of months. A carload will appear.

“In front of my garage, about three or four years ago, I had an entire kitchen appear.

“Someone has obviously taken a kitchen out somewhere, reversed it down there and put it outside my garage.”

Dave went on to note the newly fixed streetlights – which he says had been out for at least two years – do nothing to deter the opportunistic dumpers who don’t fear any repercussions for their actions.

 “It’s frustrating because they know they are not getting caught,” he continued.

“There are no cameras around the back or anything like that, it's dark and dreary, and no one is wanting to confront people in the middle of the night when this is happening.

“They do it under the cover of darkness.”

Clydebank Post: All sorts have been left down there in the eight years he has lived thereAll sorts have been left down there in the eight years he has lived there (Image: Tom Grant)

The most recent waste was quickly cleared after a few days by housing group Wheatley, who says it was the right thing to do on this occasion.

A spokesperson for Wheatley Homes Glasgow said: “We want people to be proud of where they live and we work closely with our local authority partners to keep our communities clean.

“Any resident who has an issue with fly-tipping should contact Glasgow City Council.”

Area councillor Patricia Ferguson told the Clydebank Post the problem is becoming more prevalent and believes some rogue firms claiming to dispose of people’s waste probably know Rotherwood is a prime spot for dumping the goods.

She said: “There is an issue in places like Rotherwood, you have got dark spaces where it is probably more professional companies who are just coming along and dumping the waste.”

And added: “Just in the last week, I’ve probably had, a sofa, a chair, a set of kitchen dining equipment, lots of miscellaneous rubbish cleared.

“It is every day at the moment with me and I am sure I am not alone in that.

“It is very frustrating and it must be even more frustrating if you live close to it.”