A CHILD helped save another from drowning at a local beauty spot.

The incident took place last year at Loch Lomond during the summer.

The youngster had been visiting the nature spot with family when they spotted a young child struggling in the water.

They immediately alerted their aunt, who was an off-duty police officer, to the situation and she sprung into action.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene and CPR was performed.

The youngster was then airlifted to hospital and thankfully survived the ordeal.

Following the incident, it was revealed that the child had known what to do thanks to water safety lessons that they had taken part in at school.

The information had been delivered by youth engagement officers from Police Scotland’s Argyll & West Dunbartonshire Division.

Morven Sutherland, Communities Inspector, stressed the importance of these safety talks and praised the youngster for their efforts.

Inspector Sutherland said: “We’ve got youth engagement officers who work across the high schools in West Dunbartonshire delivering talks on everything from violence, domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour, weapon carrying, and water safety.

“They are a fantastic resource for us and give us access to what is actually quite a hard-to-reach age group.

“We’ve had so many results from it. Last year we delivered water safety lessons to every child in West Dunbartonshire secondary schools before the summer.

“There was an incident at Loch Lomond last year where a young child was drowning and another child alerted his aunt who was an off-duty officer who managed to save the child.

“That child who spotted it in the first instance said they remembered what they were told by police.

“So these talks are actually saving lives. It’s so important and shows that they are getting tangible results.”

Ahead of the summer months officers will be kicking off Operation Ballaton at Balloch Park to help keep the community safe.