Hundreds of residents are living in darkness on Tuesday night as a major power cut hit the area.

Scottish Power report many homes in Clydebank are without power and have cited the severe weather brought by Sunday's Storm Isha as the cause of the outage.

The energy supplier have said people living in many G81 postcode have been impacted and although they have managed to restore power to some homes, many will be without electricity until at least 10pm.

Their website read: "Our Electricity Network has been impacted by severe weather conditions from Storm Isha.

"We have managed to restore a number of supplies, however, due to the extent of some of the damage to our Network, we may not be able to restore your supply until later on today.

"Our engineers will continue to work to restore your supply as quickly as possible, however if you are experiencing any difficulties and feel you would benefit from additional support or require hotel accommodation tonight, please hold the line and talk to one of our team so we can help you.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. We will update this message if this information changes."

The postcodes impacted are below:

G81, G814, G814AU, G814DL, G814DN, G814DP, G814DR, G814DS, G814DT, G814DW, G814DX, G814DY, G814EB, G814ED, G814EE, G814EF, G814ET, G814EX, G814EY, G814GE, G814HA, G814HB, G814HS, G814HT, G814HU, G814SA, G814SE, G814SG, G814WW

You can keep up to date with the power cut here.