A DRUMCHAPEL man got in a fight and threatened to stab several people at a pub in Glasgow.

Ryan Reside, 22, was out with his friends and girlfriend at Bag O'Nails in Partick on December 16, 2023.

He was caught on CCTV engaging in a fight.

He was seen punching a man and shouting "I will f*****g stab you".

Reside then used two hands and pushed a man in the chest.

He said: "Fat p**f", "ginger c**t", “I will get the young team to come petrol bomb the place”.

Reside also stated: “Is your mum alive? Because I will stab her and then come stab you”.

Police were called and arrived shortly after. Reside spat towards them and continued swearing.

He shouted: “Police are c***s”, “f*****g baldie m***o”, “you lesbian s**t”, “you will get your motor blown up tonight”.

He continued to be difficult and while being searched, he kicked a cop.

He was arrested but could not be cautioned and charged due to his state of intoxication.

Reside appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week after he pleaded guilty to aggressive behaviour, assault, refusing arrest, making offensive remarks and fighting.

His lawyer said: "He is 22, still very young. He fully accepts that his behaviour was outrageous.

"He has very little recollection. He had been consuming alcohol with his friends and was detached from them.

"He is absolutely embarrassed. He does appear to show genuine remorse. It is something that is not in his nature.

"Intoxication is not an excuse. Things that were said were out of reason and it was a drunk person saying them without any substance behind them.

"He doesn’t have much of a record, just two traffic offences. He is in a stable and supportive relationship. He has a job and is due to start this week. It is a good, well-paying job.

"He is open to any support."

Sheriff Mary Shields sentenced Reside to 12 months of supervision and 130 hours of unpaid work.

He also has to engage with alcohol counselling services.