A MAN was left covered in blood after a bar fight.

Stuart McGlashan, 38, arrived at The Rosevale Tavern on Dumbarton Road on August 28, 2022.

The Clydebank man began to speak to a punter.

After an altercation, McGlashan pushed several glasses off the bar.

A customer picked up a chair and hit McGlashan on the head, cutting him above his eyebrow and this started to bleed.

He called the man a "specky b*****d", causing further issues.

A pubgoer approached and tried to remove McGlashan. He continued to be aggressive and tried to swing his hands to him.

He was then restrained on the ground. He got back up, picked up a bucket and threw it at the window.

He also picked up a bar stool and smashed bottles.

Police were called. When they arrived, they spoke to staff. They said McGlashan was covered in blood from the earlier cut and he was drunk.

McGlashan was arrested, cautioned and charged.

He said to cops: “It was not my fault, it was me that was attacked.” 

He threatened officers: “Thake these cuffs off me or I will f*****g kill you”, “I am going to go back and kill them all”.

He appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week after he pleaded guilty to being aggressive, assaulting a man and causing damage.

His lawyer said: "He is in full-time employment.

"He has been with his partner for a long time and they have a 17-year-old daughter.

"This was a problematic period of time for his mental health.

"He accepts this was completely unacceptable and alcohol was at considerable fault.

"He was speaking to men that were unknown to him and he was struck by a bar stool, he acted in self-defence."

Sheriff Mary Shields sentenced McGlashan to 130 hours of unpaid work and a year of supervision.