A CLYDEBANK chippy said an emotional goodbye to its longest-standing employee this afternoon as she retired after nearly five decades.

Linda Murdoch, affectionately known as ‘Linda from the chippy’, has hung up her apron after 47 years at Maxims in Dalmuir.

The 69-year-old told the Post that the Dumbarton Road shop became her life and she has been left “speechless” from the outpour of support from the local community.

Clydebank Post: Linda with some of her co-workersLinda with some of her co-workers (Image: Erin Cairney)Linda said: “I’ve been working in Dalmuir for 47 years now. I started in a shop on Dunn Street when I was 21 years old and then moved over to a shop just down the road from here, and I’ve been at Maxims for the last 27 years.

“I love my job and I’m so sorry to go but it’s time for me to leave. I’ve been so emotional with everybody coming in and giving me stuff today, this is my life in here.

“I just love all of my customers, I’ve seen kids being born and then them growing up and having their own kids. I was actually working here before the current boss Paul Tait was born.

“Some people called me 'Mrs Chips' as I had a cake with fish and chips on it for my 50th birthday and the same for my 60th and now my retirement cake.

“I’ve been speechless with the support, I thought it was just going to be me and the girls I work with in here today but customers have been coming by since 8.30am.

“I’ve made so many friends throughout the years. I’m going to miss it so much.”

Clydebank Post: Linda's retirement cake featured fish and chipsLinda's retirement cake featured fish and chips (Image: Erin Cairney)The Drumry resident became a well-known figure in the local community with some customers even popping into the shop just to chat with her.

Julie Maginn, who worked alongside Linda, said she has a “heart of gold” and told of how she supported her through some difficult times.

Julie added: “Linda was there for me when I lost my mum. She’s got a heart of gold and I used to call her super-gran because she could probably run rings around the young ones in here, me included.

“Some people would come in just for the banter with Linda because she can give as good as she gets.

"She’s been so good to all of us, if anyone ever needed advice on anything they went to Linda, she showed us all the ropes in here and took so many people under her wing.

“Dalmuir will definitely miss her.”

During her career at Maxims Linda worked alongside several of her family members including her husband Walter and daughter Elaine Brown.

Elaine explained that “when you think of Maxims, you think of Linda”.

She said: “You cannot go anywhere in Clydebank without someone saying ‘Aw there’s Linda from the chippy’.

“I used to work in here but I now work in a hospital and there were two people this week that said to me ‘ I think I know your face from somewhere’ and the next day they said ‘Oh my gosh you worked in the chippy, how’s your mum and dad?’

“When you think of Maxims, you think of mum.”