A DRIVEN 16-year-old entrepreneur admits opening his own sweet-selling business in Clydebank will be a dream come true for him.

Ambitious youngster Adam Taylor insists he doesn’t mind swapping the classroom for the hustle and bustle of working life when he begins selling treats through his new Sugar Rush venture from the village market shopping hall in May.

The former Clydebank High pupil left education last summer as he was heading into fifth year, and he revealed it will be a magic moment when he hands over that first bag of sweets to a customer.

Speaking exclusively to The Clydebank Post, Adam said: “I’ve always wanted to start my own business.

“I’ve done a lot for my age; I started a homework club two years ago which I only stopped last year.

“That was for children with additional support needs within Y Sort It.”

From an early age, Adam – who turns 17 in April - has been eager to make an impression on the world and did some volunteering work with Police Scotland at the age of 14.

Proud Mum Yvonne believes her “inspiring” boy doesn’t let the haters get to him after she explained he had been unfairly picked on for his connection to the local police force.

She said: “He’s always been ambitious. Since he volunteered with Police Scotland, he’s done a lot for the Clydebank community. I am really proud of him.

“He has struggled.”

Yvonne added: “He was targeted in the community. But he hasn’t let that hold him back. He is still thriving in life."

Adam will meet advisors from government support group Business Gateway to set out a plan and hopefully help with funding to get the enterprise off the ground.

And the focused young man says he hopes this will be the start of his business empire and one day he may even have his own shop.

He finished: “I’ve always got ideas, I like cooking, baking etc.

“And when the sweets come in, I will be bagging and counting the sweets. I’ve always wanted to sell sweets because I have seen other people doing it.

“My cousin sells cakes and that’s what put it into my head.”