ACTOR James McAvoy has lifted the lid on a Scottish New Year's tradition after starring on an American TV chat show.

The Drumchapel-born star, known for his blockbuster roles in X-Men and Split, was the first guest of 2024 on the US chat show - Late Night with Seth Meyers.

During the episode, which aired on Sunday, January 7, the pair discussed the Scottish tradition of first footing.

James said to Seth: "I've first footed you.

"It means a lot to me actually."

Explaining the tradition, the Scots actor said: "In Scotland, the first footing tradition is that the first person who comes into your house needs to carry something after the bells when New Year strikes.

"The first person that comes into your house has to bring something good like food or some coal - traditionally coal to keep your house warm.

"If the first person that comes into your house doesn't have these things - bad luck ensues.

"So, what ends up happening is that whoever is in your house, like your child or your best friend, or the wife of your child, has to go outside in the cold and when everybody else is cheering and singing, they are standing outside in the snow, freezing, holding a lump of coal and a glass of drink and as long as in the New Year they are the first person to come across your threshold, they bring good luck.

"I remember the first time my wife came to Glasgow for New Year and all the men had to go outside so they were first footing the women.

"My wife, at the time, was going 'this sucks'."