A YOUNG Scots rapper who calls himself the ‘Young King of Scotland’ insists he is determined to put hometown Clydebank on the hip-hop scene map.

Ajforty7 is a born and bred Bankie and describes his style as “gritty” as he looks to continue his journey to make it big on the UK rap scene.

The 22-year-old was raised in Mountblow and spent his youth hanging about Dalmuir, even using a housing estate in the latter as a backdrop in the video for latest single ‘Sunny.’

Now, speaking exclusively to The Clydebank Post, the talented freestyler explained he’s used his tough start to life as inspiration for some of the lyrics in his raps.

Ajforty7 said: “I got brought up in Mountblow, which was - around about the time I was getting brought up - not a good area.

“Just a lot of violence was going on, a lot of stuff with drugs, it was a red-hot area. That’s how I would describe it.

“I had a lot of struggles growing up.”

Before adding: “Regarding mental health and growing up, I never experienced physical abuse, it was all mental.”

Ajforty7 began watching Scottish rap when he was 13 and started writing his own lyrics when he was 17 years old.

A year later, he released debut single Tien Shan, a beat he describes as an “underground classic” and one he hears the lyrics being shouted back at him wherever he goes in Scotland.

“I just grafted,” the wordsmith continued.

“I grafted until the right people knew who I was. Like your big platforms here.

“All the big platforms here, I can contact them no bother. It is all about building relationships and networking.

“A lot of people don’t want to do that but that’s all I wanted to do.”

Clydebank Post: New single Sunny was filmed in DalmuirNew single Sunny was filmed in Dalmuir (Image: William Downe)

Alongside audio apps such as SoundCloud, Aj admits social media platforms such as Instagram have helped him build a loyal following of people who recognise his skill at telling a story through rap.

In 2023, he also worked with hip hop pioneers 'ONYX' and drill artists like 'M24', 'DEZZIE' (OFB) and 'Jordan McCann' to name but a few. 

And he explained the origin of the Young King moniker, admitting he’s got a strong enough head to wear the crown.

Aj added: “I got given the name the ‘Young King’, so that’s why I am the Young King of Scotland.

“I’d said it once, and then everybody else latched on to it.

“It’s almost been spoken into existence, and everybody is now quite happy to call me that.

“I’m happy to be called that.”

New single Sunny – which dropped in December – was filmed in Dunswin Court in Dalmuir, behind the Co-op and tells of Ajforty7’s teen years in Clydebank, and the reality of “scheme life” as he puts it.

Clydebank Post: Now the 22-year-old is aiming to release more music in 2024.Now the 22-year-old is aiming to release more music in 2024. (Image: William Downe)

“In the song, I’m talking about the harsh realities of what’s going on around me.

“Because it’s never sunny here and even when it is, it can still be a bad day.”

The new year is set to be a big one for Ajforty7, with the rapper aiming to push on further within the UK-wide scene by releasing a “snowball” of singles, freestyling, appearing on various platforms and working with content creators.

He’s also teamed up with Part II clothing and Screaming Devil alcoholic drinks.

And when asked what style of rapper he is, the confident Bankie expressed his belief he is unique in his approach.

He finished: “It’s a mixture of everything because I do more than just what is seen.

“From what I have put out, it’s just UK rap.

“Usually, under genre, it would be trap, drill or grime, but, for me, mine is drill and grime, but it’s gritty.

“What I do is gritty. It’s raw and authentic. I am not beating around the bush or chatting any bulls**t.

“It’s straight to the point.”