The latest series of The Traitors already has us on the edge of our seats as the Faithfuls attempt to keep their wits about them at Ardross Castle.

The show, which returned for its second series on Wednesday (January 3) night, features 22 contestants from across the UK hoping to win up to £120,000.

Three of the contestants are from Scotland with Sonographer and clairvoyant Tracey from Inverness, 29-year-old veterinary nurse Evie and Glasgow photographer Brian taking part.

Where is Ardross Castle from The Traitors located?

Ardross Castle from The Traitors is an 18th-century stately home located 30 miles north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

The Ardross region is very remote with the area only being populated by a small rural community confined to the fertile lower slopes.

Who owns Ardross Castle from The Traitors?

The BBC castle has passed ownership many times, being purchased by the Duke of Sutherland in the 18th century before it was sold again in 1845 to Sir Alexander Matheson for £90,000.

The castle underwent many improvements under the supervision of engineer William Mackenzie.

After passing hands once again, the estate was broken up and sold in 1937. The castle itself was purchased by Mr and Mrs Austin Mardon before it was then sold to the McTaggart family in 1983.

According to the Ardross Castle's website, the family began restoring the site to its former glory, repairing the walled garden and lawns.

Can I stay at Ardross Castle from The Traitors?

The owners state on their website: "Ardross Castle is not a hotel so it is not possible to book to stay for a night.

"The Castle and the Estate are available for private hire and, while we do not let individual rooms, we can accommodate small groups.

"The Castle and Estate are privately owned and therefore there is no facility for tour parties or individual visits."