A Clydebank woman who worked as a carer for more than two decades has told of her excitement as she embarks on her ‘dream’ business venture.

Kerry Durnan officially opened the Hatch, a coffee shop, at Singer railway station on Monday, January 8.

Clydebank Post: The 47-year-old from Hardgate told the Post the move was something she had “always wanted to do” but hadn’t had the opportunity to go for.

Kerry said: “I worked in home care for 21 years and before that, I worked in pubs and cafes. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance financially to go for it.  

“I am so nervous but I’m excited. I was looking at the unit a couple of years ago but the previous owner wanted to sell it for £30,000 and I would still have had to rent the building from ScotRail.

“I wasn’t willing to pay that for such a small space so when it was vacant I took the opportunity to go for it.

“I got the keys three weeks ago and it’s been all go. If I’m going to do this I’m going to do it right.

"I’ve been overwhelmed with the response from the community so far and I’ve got a lot of good people around me.

“My dad travelled over from Ireland for the shop opening. You need the support, you definitely need it.”

Clydebank Post: Kerry and her dad who travelled over from Ireland for the opening Kerry and her dad who travelled over from Ireland for the opening (Image: Gordon Terris)Kerry previously worked in home care for West Dunbartonshire Council where she became a well-known figure in the town.

The Hardgate resident explained that she wanted to become a carer after her grandad died.

She added: “My grandad passed away and I wasn’t happy with the care he got so I decided to become a carer so that if anything happened to any of my family I was going to be able to look after them.

“Twenty-one years later I can still do that but I can also move on now. I love cooking, everybody comes to me for their dinner.

“I’ve actually been out and bought a pressure cooker to try and learn to make more things so that I can prepare fresh soup every day.

“Top of the Hill Butchers is going to supply the meat and Morton’s Rolls is going to do the rolls, I’m trying to keep everything local.”

The Hatch will be open Monday to Saturday between 6am and 4pm.