The speed limit on roads outside the area’s schools could be reduced as the council looks to improve safety for children.

West Dunbartonshire Council agreed to review the current measures outside education hubs across the region to determine the capital investment budget required to improve road safety close to schools.

Project costs will then be presented to elected members for consideration and inclusion in the council’s capital programme.

Councillor David McBride said of the move: “Our young people deserve to feel safe when they are travelling to school regardless of how they get there. This work will help to improve the safety on roads around schools for all road users.

“I welcome the efforts which are being made to progress with this as quickly as practicably possible.”

Councillor Lawrence O’Neill added: “The safety of pedestrians including our children and young people travelling to and from school is of paramount importance.

“Development in our road safety arrangements can be a fairly involved and lengthy process and so this review will help to identify the areas which require investment without unnecessary delay.”