KEVIN Bridges has revealed the "most exciting bit" of creating his comedy shows. 

During an appearance on ITV's This Morning on Tuesday, December 12, the Clydebank funnyman said he enjoys going to small comedy clubs to test out new material before going on tour. 

He told presenters Dermot O'Leary and Mollie King that before embarking on a tour, like most comedians he goes "to wee small comedy clubs" to try out new jokes. 

He said: "That's the most exciting bit because you're proper nervous because the audience know who you are, they've seen you.

"But this is you're playing to 100 people in the back room of a pub and the first five minutes they're gonna go 'oh it's Kevin Bridges', but then they need to see something good.

"And in those bits you can play to silence for an hour but there'll be a couple of ideas that kind of worked. 

"The that's the exciting bit just scribbling 'right that bits gonna go' and then going straight back on the next day."

He added: "It's very vulnerable, you need to just leave all ego and just go on and be prepared to fail but in the failure there's gonna be something that's going to work and a show gradually begins emerging."

Bridges' newest show The Overdue Catch-Up was released on DVD and for digital download on Monday, December 4.