THE countdown to Christmas is on, with stockings hung up in homes across Clydebank and wish lists shipped off to Santa at the North Pole.

Ahead of the holidays, the Post went along to Clydemuir Primary in Dalmuir to hear from little ones what they are looking forward to this festive season.

Six youngsters from the school’s primary one and two classes shared their plans for the holidays and told our reporter what their dream gifts from Santa Claus would be.

Primary one

Andrew Grieves, 5

Clydebank Post: Andrew likes to live life in the fast lane and this year he has written to Santa to ask him for more of his favourite toys.

He hopes to get a garage for his Hot Wheels cars and can’t wait to race them on Christmas Day.

Andrew said: “I’ve asked Santa for a Hot Wheels garage. I like playing with the cars as I have some already.

“They can go loop-the-loop and you can race them. I am really excited for Christmas, I can’t wait to spend it with my family and get new toys.

“My favourite part of Christmas dinner is dessert.”

Alex McIntyre, 5

Clydebank Post: Alex told our reporter she is looking forward to Christmas and hopes there will be a high-flying gift left under the tree this year.

She said: “I asked Santa for a sky dancer. They are fairies and they fly up in the air, I don’t have any so this will be my first.

“I am looking forward to opening my presents and I have been enjoying my gummy bear calendar.

"I normally go to my granda’s on Christmas Day, I like seeing all of my family.”

Fraser Campbell, 5

Clydebank Post: Fraser has met Saint Nick not once but twice this festive season and was made up when it snowed recently as he got to try out his new sledge.

He said: “I have asked Santa for Robux and so many other things. They let you buy stuff in the game Roblox.

“I’ve seen Santa twice and he gave me presents. My favourite thing about Christmas is the snow. I liked it when it snowed the other week.

“I built a tiny snowman and went sledging with my new sledge. I like it a lot even though it’s cold.

"My family put up the Christmas tree but I’m a wee boy so I couldn’t build it.”

Primary two

Lola Adair, 6

Clydebank Post: This year, Lola is hoping to go into Christmas with a spring in her step as she revealed what she has asked Santa for.

The youngster is hoping to work on her gymnastic skills over the holidays.

She said: “I am looking forward to opening presents and seeing my family. We’re having dinner at my house.

“I asked Santa for a gymnastics mat, I like gymnastics.”

Isla Jamieson, 6

Clydebank Post: Isla is looking forward to getting out and about this Christmas and has written to Santa for a new bike to do just that.

She said: “I am excited to get my presents. I asked Santa for a new bike and I can’t wait to cycle. I’ve already seen Santa but I didn’t tell him what I wanted, although it was really exciting to see him.

“I am going to be spending time with my family. We are going to my granda and my granny’s, I am looking forward to it.

“My favourite thing about Christmas is getting my presents.”

Jacob McEwan, 5

Clydebank Post: Jacob loves Christmas and has been keeping an eye out for the antics his Elf on the Shelf has been getting up to.

This year he has written to Santa asking for an extra special gift.

He said: “I asked Santa for a puppy. I would love to play with it. I went to see Santa and it was really fun.

“I also got my face painted as a Christmas tree. My favourite part about getting Christmas is getting an elf.”