KEVIN Bridges has revealed how he ended up on a “two-day bender” with a Hollywood star after one of his gigs.

The Clydebank funnyman had been performing at the Dublin Arena during his last tour ‘The Overdue Catchup’ when he was told film star Woody Harrelson was in the audience.

Speaking on Zoe Ball’s Breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 this morning the 37-year-old recounted the “unbelievable weekend”.

He said: “Woody Harrelson came to my show in Dublin on the last tour. He came with Louisa Harland who is a brilliant actress from Derry Girls and we ended up having a few beers.

“My wife was over, my best mate was over and the gig went well and we were just sitting with Woody.

“We ended up boozing until about 5am, I just instantly connected with the guy. Then he came back the next night so we’re sitting backstage again on the Sunday and then on the Monday U2 were playing at the same venue.

“Woody is good mates with Bono and asked if I wanted to come to the show and we were drinking again.

“After the gig he texted me ‘Do you want to come backstage and meet the band?’ and that’s when I had to call it as my mate was in an unpresentable condition, I said ‘Nah we can’t go and meet Bono’.”

The next morning the comedian told how he woke up to an unexpected message.

Kevin added: “Later on that night Woody Harrelson sent me a video from Bono asking me ‘How come you’re not here?’

“It was one of those moments, it had just been an unbelievable weekend. Waking up after a bit of a two-day bender and you’ve got a video from Bono on your phone saying ‘How come you’re not in my house?’”

Last week we told of how Bridges’ latest comedy tour earned nearly £400,000 at UK box offices as the show got set to go home release.

The Overdue Catchup made £375,000 upon its release – making it one of the biggest comedy releases since the Covid-19 pandemic.