A FORMER boxer who chased his partner out of her home in front of her children was jailed today for 14 months.

Gavin Stevenson, 46, turned on the 36-year-old woman at the property in Glasgow's Pollokshields on August 12, 2023.

Jealous Stevenson, from Yoker, was enraged as he believed there was another man at the property.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that the pair had been together for around four years but lived separately.

Around midnight, Stevenson attended her home and stated: "There is a guy in here."

Prosecutor John Bedford said: "He proceeded to chase the woman through her living room.

"He went into the living room where the victim was and stated 'there is a guy in here, where is he?'

"The woman took two children then fled the property and Stevenson chased her to the street area."

The woman later returned to the property as did Stevenson.

Neighbours recalled hearing banging, shouting and swearing.

Police attended and found Stevenson who hid in a storage cupboard.

CCTV from a neighbour was reviewed where Stevenson was heard shouting "Grassing b******."

Stevenson pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

A not guilty was accepted by the Crown to a separate charge of wilfully setting the woman's car on fire.

It was revealed that Stevenson has a previous domestic conviction against the same woman.

The former boxer and instructor was also jailed for a year in 2017 for driving while on cocaine with a knife in the vehicle.

Brian Lannigan, defending, told the court that his client had been drinking on the night of the incident.

Sheriff Martin Jones KC stated to Stevenson that his "disgraceful" behaviour merited a custodial sentence.

A one-year non-harassment order was also granted restricting Stevenson's contact with the woman and her children.