A RALLY will be held in Clydebank next week to demand government action to end fuel poverty.

The demonstration on Monday, December 4 is being organised by the Unite union as part of the Energy 4 All Campaign.

Energy 4 for All was launched earlier this month and is calling for all households to be guaranteed enough energy to cover essential needs.

The campaign is also calling for the public ownership of energy distribution networks, domestic power suppliers and the North Sea’s reserves of oil and gas to bring an end to flagrant profiteering.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “No one should live in fuel poverty.

"But because of the greed of the energy profiteers over the last two years, millions of people have faced crippling bills.”

The protest - which will be held at the bridge at Clyde Shopping Centre at 12pm - is part of a wider action being put on across the country with similar marches taking place under the Fuel Poverty Action umbrella.

The campaign is encouraging people to enter public spaces to keep warm together in order to highlight the need for action on fuel poverty.

The demands of the Unite for Energy for All campaign include:

  • An end to fuel poverty – with every household receiving a free amount of energy to cover basic needs
  • Government support for home insulation
  • An end to both forced disconnections and the force-fitting of prepayment meters
  • Fair energy pricing
  • Public ownership of energy

Unite say last year, private firms made £45 billion profit from the UK domestic energy system.

It is their belief, that if money had been kept in public hands, it could have been used to save each household £1,800 on their energy bills.

Holly Donovan, Unite Community activist, said: “Energy For All is calling for radical reform to our energy pricing system.

"Under our current system, those who use more energy pay less per unit than those of us who are tightening our belts and cutting down on energy use.

"This is clearly upside down and unjust."

John Whitcher, of Fuel Poverty Action, added: “Support from Unite Community and other movements can help to protect lives this winter.

"Fuel Poverty Action will be carrying out further protests this week as we expect government decisions on the return of forced prepayment meter installations.

"This practice is the polar opposite of Energy For All, we need to end policies that punish people in fuel poverty.”