Nearly £3,000 worth of illegal tobacco was allegedly found in a roof cavity of a West Dunbartonshire shop during a raid.

Sniffer dogs reportedly helped police and trading standards detect the £2,900 worth of illicit tobacco and cigarettes at the unnamed retail premises.

The joint operation between cops and trading standards investigators began in May when they were tipped off by a member of the public that the shop might be holding the illegally imported goods.

And a subsequent investigation into the premises led to the recent bust which uncovered the concealed contraband.

Tobacco which is brought into the UK illegally doesn’t pay any duty, meaning less for funding public services including the NHS and education.

A Tweet from West Dunbartonshire Council’s trading standard unit read: “If you are purchasing tobacco please ensure the products you buy are genuine.

“A tell-tale sign of illicit tobacco is the non-standardised packaging. If you have any further information on this or have knowledge of any other shops selling illegal tobacco, you can report this anonymously by emailing"