New homes built in West Dunbartonshire will address identified needs such as larger family homes, a council committee has heard.

The Housing and Communities Committee were told a refreshed design standard for all newly built homes has been introduced to ensure continued high-quality accommodation across the area.

Now, as well as exceeding statutory requirements for floor space, accessibility and energy efficiency, the new strategy will encourage housebuilders to develop a better mix of housing such as bigger homes for bigger families.

Councillor Gurpreet Singh Johal said: “This design standard will be extremely beneficial to our tenants and future tenants as it will enhance the already high standard of our homes and ensure that they are future-proofed for long-term use.

"We are committed to improving the lives of our tenants and we are proud of the steps we have taken so far to ensure our housing is not only affordable but also pleasant to live in.”

The design standard was first introduced in 2015 to ensure social homes being developed in West Dunbartonshire provided tenants with a welcoming and safe home environment regardless of age, ability or health.

In the updated version, all newly developed homes will be net zero; have measures which improve accessibility to bathroom and shower facilities as tenants’ needs change; and have environmental sensors fitted to allow tenants to track temperature and humidity to prevent condensation.

It will come into force on any new projects receiving funding approval from the Affordable Housing Supply Programme from April 1, 2024.