AN AREA of greenspace in Yoker described as “gold dust for food growing” is being considered for a new community project.

A patch of land by Peterson Park playing fields has been identified by Glasgow City Council (GCC) to create a food-growing hub to supply the city over the coming years.

It is hoped the land, which is bounded by Kelso Street and Yoker Mill Road, will form part of the local authority’s Food Growing Strategy, a scheme which aims to identify areas in Glasgow which could provide sustainable food growth in open spaces.

Now, GCC’s Good Growing Team are asking Yoker residents to attend two upcoming consultation meetings to aid them in finding the right approach to food growing in the area.

The proposals also include plans for a small orchard to be planted at the Peterson Park site this winter, with partner project the Orchard Project facilitating a co-design process within the community to explore the potential of the site.

Fergus Walker, from The Orchard Project, said: “Community food growing brings people together to produce affordable healthy fruit and veg, connect with your neighbours and learn new skills.

“A food growing project on this land would build on the good work that is already happening in Yoker.

“Planting fruit trees is a great first step that leaves a legacy for future generations.”

The area identified is ideal due to having never been built on or contaminated with industrial waste, although the council are currently running soil tests on the site.

Going back in history, the land was originally part of Thirdpart Farm until the 1930s, potentially growing grain to supply Thirdpart mill further down the modern-day Yoker Mill Road.

Part of the land was then acquired by Glasgow University for use as playing fields and the land was gifted to the people of Glasgow.

Public consultations will be held on Tuesday, December 12 at 6pm at Yoker Community Campus and on Monday, January 15 at Peterson Park, also at 6pm.

The Yoker meeting in December will look at the six themes for the site, with the January chat looking to review the design ideas and the next steps in the planned project.