A CAMPAIGN aimed at domestic abuse prevention for women and girls has been launched by local groups.

The West Dunbartonshire Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) multi-agency partnership is highlighting gender-based violence (GBV) and the support available to communities during 16 days of action.

The partnership is made up of organisations including Woman’s Aid, Victim Support, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue, West Dunbartonshire Criminal Justice and Children and Families Social Work, Housing, and Education, Adult support services, NHS and other third-party organisations and leading Domestic abuse charities. Across the 16 Days of Action campaign, the partnership will be posting on social media and highlighting the positive male role models from the local community, such as Clydebank Football Club manager Gordon Moffat.

Those men will be asked what they can do in their job to help create a community without gender-based violence. And, after police in West Dunbartonshire police officers responded to 726 domestic incidents over the last 12 months, Superintendent Alan Sommerville, also chair of the VAWG partnership, explained campaigns such as this are vital to alerting people of the help that’s out there.

He said: “Although the 16 days campaign is vital in highlighting gender equality and our collective zero-tolerance approach to domestic violence and gender-based violence, these issues are prevalent 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

“It is vital our community know where to get the support they need and feel confident that local services can assist them in breaking the circle of violence.

“Throughout this campaign, we will be highlighting local support networks that can help the most vulnerable.

“My ask, to the wider community, is if you suspect someone is the victim of GBV, be their voice and report in confidence to us”.

Any domestic-related reports made to Police Scotland go through a full triage system that considers the threat risk and harm.

The officers then carry out a full and thorough investigation which is scrutinised by specialist officers.

The goal of the campaign is to allow women to be able to go about their daily lives without worrying about being harassed, assaulted, or becoming the victim of sexual violence and to get to a place where West Dunbartonshire is free from the scourge of domestic violence.

As part of the 16-day campaign, Clydebank’s Titan Crane and the WDC offices on Church Street in Dumbarton are to be lit up in orange on November 27 in solidarity with all victims of GBV.