A successful entertainer has told of his journey from performing in bars across Clydebank for extra pocket money to securing his dream job abroad.

Craig Hevern started his singing career at 14 years old after he was introduced to local theatre group Mummers.

Craig, who grew up in Drumchapel but later moved to Clydebank, credits the group with helping him find his voice.

He said: “I grew up in Drumchapel with my mum, dad, and big brother. Sadly my mum passed away when I was ten so my dad moved us to Clydebank.

“My dad was always a singer and he was interested in amateur dramatics. There was a club in the town called The Mummers Theatre Group and he got me involved in that.

“That’s where I learned to sing and where I found my voice. After that, it was a progression from singing at the weekend for extra pocket money to getting more bookings, doing weddings, birthdays, all that kind of stuff.”

Over the years, Craig performed regular slots in venues including Cleddans Bar, The Atlantis, and The Lincoln in Knightswood wowing punters with his incredible vocals.

However, it wasn’t until he and his wife Kellyann went on holiday to Tenerife that he was offered the job opportunity of a lifetime.

Craig added: “When we went on holiday I got noticed for my singing in the hotel and they asked me if I would be interested in having a career in Tenerife.

“It wasn’t something I’d ever thought about before. You can imagine it wasn’t easy going back and forth from Tenerife to make sure it was the right move but ultimately it has been the best decision for our family.

“I started off as the entertainment manager in the hotel, Parque La Paz, in 2010 and after eight months I was asked to cover a shift in the Highland Paddy, a bar below the hotel, which is where I am to this day.

“They had heard me singing from above and needed cover for the night so I said I’d do it and it went from one night to two to three and kept building up.

“Within a year of being part of the bar I took over in the club and it snowballed from there.”

Craig explained that his performances – which he puts on six times a week - consist of a mix of singing and cabaret.

He has been nominated twice in the ‘Best Compere’ category at the Tenerife Entertainment Awards.

Clydebank Post: Craig and KellyannCraig and Kellyann (Image: Craig Hevern)The expat praised his wife, who he met in Nico’s Bar on Sauchiehall Street 19 years ago, for her support over the years and for helping him to follow his dream.

He said: “Kellyann and I have been together for nearly 19 years and she has been by my side the whole time.

“I couldn’t have done this without her, she gave me the chance to follow my dreams.

"We have three kids and they fly out to see us as they are still based in Scotland.

“This is my dream job, I’ve always wanted to do it. Every time we went on holiday I said ‘We will live abroad one day’ and it actually happened, it’s been a dream come true.”