New “firework control zones” introduced to restrict the use of fireworks in local areas could “displace” private displays according to a West Dunbartonshire Police Scotland representative. 

In June 2023 local councils were given the power to set up these “zones” to restrict the use of fireworks which means if an area has been designated as a firework control zone members of the public are not allowed to use fireworks, including on private property such as a garden.

Fireworks can only be set off in these zones at public displays, in connection with a regulatory authority’s function or for business purposes.

Councils are also required to consult with communities before designating, changing or removing an area as a firework control zone.

During a community planning committee questions were raised about the number of fireworks set off in local communities.

Council leader Martin Rooney said: “It seems as if there have been less fireworks this year than in previous years.

“I know the regulations for the fireworks-controlled zones are going to come in later on but do the police have a view on that?”

Inspector Bart Simonis, of Police Scotland, raised concerns that by telling people in advance, they might move to a different area and “displace the problem".

Inspector Simonis said: “Because we are setting up these control zones we will have to police them. 

“If we are in an area where no one’s there because they know we are going to be there – they will just generally move to another area which will impact on resources.

“It’s another area to explore further as we head towards next year.”