A community safety day designed to protect the interests of Clydebank businesses is expected to take place in the run-up to Christmas. 

Local members of Police Scotland are hoping to work with shopkeepers and business owners to promote personal safety messages, crime prevention techniques and anti-shoplifting advice during the festive period. 

It comes following a successful community safety day a few months ago in Dumbarton and now Police Scotland want to offer the same support in Clyde Shopping Centre. 

Police Scotland is already planning its festive safety campaign which looks to keep the public safe and deter crime over Christmas. 

An update was brought before members of the community planning committee. 

Inspector Bart Simonis, of Police Scotland, said: “We are planning on progressing our festive safety campaign along with our partners looking at acquisitive crime particularly theft.

“Theft by shoplifting is on the rise and we will be paying attention to the theft of cars.”

Council leader Martin Rooney then asked for more information on the crime seminar.

He said: “The crime seminar that you referred to – is that just for the shop owners?”

Inspector Simonis responded: “We are building on one that we had a few months ago in Dumbarton and we are looking to move that to Clyde Shopping Centre this year.

“We are going to work with the owners there to have a chat and host a community safety day. We are going to try and get the shopkeepers along.

“We are looking to promote personal safety messages, crime prevention and anti shoplifting advice so we can try and assist those local businesses going towards the festive period.”