It’s the question everyone’s asking this time of the year… What are the top toys for Christmas 2023? Smyths Toys Superstores is here to answer these questions with a list of the coolest, most popular toys in 2023.

This exciting list features some of this year’s most exciting toys, including toys from classic brands like Hot Wheels, Barbie, and LEGO. The list also includes some fantastic new releases – like WWE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more. With so much on the 2023 Top Toys list, there’s sure to be something for everyone this year.

Sinead Byrne, European Marketing Director at Smyths Toys Superstores, “With so many wonderful toys this year, we’ve been spoiled for choice with some very cool new pets, new interactive Pet Bitzee is already a favourite for kids, Furby is back and cooler than ever – try out the meditation mode! We are also very excited about our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles range, perfect for fans of all ages – there’s a Turtles Pizza Van, and figures of your favourite Turtles. The list also features popular favourites and exclusive to Smyths Toys super cute Squishmallows Fuzzamallows! There’s something for everyone and all price ranges this Christmas, at Smyths Toys Superstore”.

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Smyths Toys Superstores Top Toys List:

1. Ninja Turtles Pizza Van and Figures
2. Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Mini – Bunny
3. Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet
4. Hot Wheels Mega Garage Only available at Smyths Toys
5. Double Shot Basketball Arcade with Timer Only available at Smyths Toys
6. Sharper Image Remote Control Road Rage Bumper Cars Only available at Smyths

7. Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker
8. Barbie POP Reveal Dolls
9. Heroes of Goo Jit Zu King Hydra
10. Squishmallows Fuzz-a-Mallows Only available at Smyths Toys
11. Tie-Dye Furby Only available at Smyths Toys
12. LEGO Arctic Ship Explorer
13. PAW Patrol Skye’s Deluxe Movie Jet
14. WWE Monster Truck Only available at Smyths Toys
15. Schleich Horse Club Transporter

Clydebank Post:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Van & Figures – Catalogue #215411, 225417002, 215417003, 215417004, 215417001

Cowabunga into action with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Van! It opens from the front and back, with room for all four detailed Turtles figures – each sold separately. Place a Turtle in the Hot Seat, and press the button to launch up to eight pizza pies with the launcher!

Clydebank Post:

Little Live Pets – Mama Surprise Minis: Lil’ Bunny – Catalogue #223830

It’s Little Live Pets made mini! Care and nurture for bunnies, with bunny babies appearing magically inside the hutch. This playset is great for teaching kids to take care of their own little pets.

Clydebank Post:

Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet – Catalogue #221918

Your Bitzee digital pet starts from a baby. With love and care, it’ll grow into a Super Bitzee, complete with fun outfits that you can use to dress it up. Plus, you can play unique, exciting games with your Bitzee!

Clydebank Post:

Hot Wheels Mega Garage – Catalogue #196848

Explore four levels of excitement with the Hot Wheels Mega Garage. Take the corkscrew lift up to the top, and release your Hot Wheels car onto the track. Connect it to other Hot Wheels sets – each sold separately – for even more fun! Only available at Smyths Toys

Clydebank Post:

Double Shot Basketball Arcade with Timer – Catalogue #219115

Give the Double Shot Basketball Arcade your best shot! It’s easy to set up, with no tools required for assembly. You can also encourage friendly competition with the electronic scoreboard, and keep track of your time with the countdown timer. Only available at Smyths Toys

Clydebank Post:

Road Rage Speed Bumper Cars – Catalogue #209540

Send your opponents flying with this remote-controlled car set! Turn left and right to dodge your rival, and then eject them from their car with a well-timed bump. With fun sound effects, the Road Rage Speed Bumper Cars offer so much more than racing! Only available at Smyths Toys

Clydebank Post:

Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker – Catalogue #224796

Design your own bracelets with a brilliant bracelet-making kit! With everything you need to craft, it’s got 170 beads, and elastic bands and sticker sheets to fully customise your designs. The PopStyle Bracelet Maker also doubles up as storage for your crafts!

Clydebank Post:

Barbie POP Reveal Dolls – Catalogue #223906, 223908, 223907, 223909

Barbie POP Reveal offers super-fun unboxing surprises with each fruit-themed doll! With eight sensory surprises to explore, you’ll find slime, accessories, two squishy items, a piece of Barbie clothing, and a scented Barbie Doll!

Clydebank Post:

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu King Hydra – Catalogue #224946

King Hydra is ruler of the Deep Goo Sea. With 3 in 1 Goo Power, there is no other hero like him. Kids will feel his power in their hands as they stretch and squeeze his three different goo fillings.

Clydebank Post:

Squishmallows Fuzz-A-Mallows – Catalogue #225668, 225665, 225661

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re even bigger than before! The Squishmallows Fuzz-A-Mallows stand at a whopping 50cm or 30cm, making them the perfect snuggle buddy. With so many to choose from, which ones will you pick? Only available at Smyths Toys

Clydebank Post:

Tie Dye Furby – Catalogue #222592

Chat, sing and laugh with your Furby – the talking toy that’s full of adorable surprises. Your tye-dye interactive friend comes with blinking eyes and colour-changing light-up ears. Match your Furby with another one – sold separately – to watch them interact with each other! Only available at Smyths Toys

Clydebank Post:

LEGO City 60368 Arctic Explorer – Catalogue #222943

Build your own Arctic Explorer ship with LEGO – and it really floats! With tons of realistic details, this LEGO ship is ideal for kids with big imaginations. The set comes with a treasure-laden Viking shipwreck, and even more to build and play with.

Clydebank Post:

PAW Patrol: Skye’s Deluxe Mighty Movie Jet – Catalogue #224168

Team up with Skye on her movie-themed jet! Straight off the big screen, Skye’s jet features light and sound effects, two projectile launchers, and a super-sleek design. Plus, the added Skye figure is ready for action, with light-up paws. It’s time for the ultimate rescue!

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WWE Wrekkin’ Slam Crusher Monster Truck – Catalogue #220947

Wreck the competition – and then wreck this truck! The WWE Wrekkin’ Slam Crusher Monster truck comes with eight breakaway pieces and real rolling wheels. Slam on the hood to launch opponents, or send them rolling away in the truck’s wheel. Only available at Smyths Toys

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Schleich Horse Club Transporter Set – Catalogue #224391

This set comes with three Schleich horses, three human figures, and a golden retriever figure, for lots of imaginative adventures. Get the Transporter ready for your next horse show. It also converts into an outdoor play area, with a rooftop pool and more to explore!

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