A number of weather warnings are in place across Scotland this week as Storm Ciarán makes landfall in the South of England, potentially bringing tornadoes.

The Met Office has warned of heavy rain and strong winds with many schools being forced to close south of the border.

The weather warning in Scotland is in place from today (Thursday, November 2) until 6am on Friday, November 3.

With a tornado warning having been issued for much of the UK by the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO), many will be wondering if this applies to Scotland.

Is there a tornado warning for Scotland amid Storm Ciarán?

While warnings have been issued by TORRO for tornadoes in the South of England and the Channel Islands, there appears to be no such alert in place for Scotland this week.

On Twitter, the weather organisation announced that it was issuing a TORRO Tornado Watch across South Wales and England.

Recently, it said there were "reports" of "a possible tornado" coming in across Jersey as the island battles with Storm Ciaran.

It said: "Reports are coming in of a possible tornado and large hail over Jersey overnight. Please let us know if you have any information."

When was the last recorded tornado in Scotland?

The last major tornado recorded in Scotland was in September of 2022 when a Waterspout Tornado was spotted over the town of Bonnyrigg in Midlothian.

No damage was recorded from this and nobody was hurt but it did receive a lot of media attention.

In 2023, a 'small' tornado was recorded in Rannoch Moor with this also causing no injury or damage.