IT was a night of fun, frights and frolics as regular showman Oli Keenan put on his Mad Hatter's Tea Party display for his "busiest" Halloween night yet on Tuesday.

The Linnvale lad has been entertaining revellers from his Mum and Dad's home on Dalton Avenue for five years now and this October 31 was no different as kids and grown-ups alike were left amazed by his Alice in Wonderland-inspired theme.

Bankie Oli was dressed head-to-toe as the main character the Mad Hatter and, speaking exclusively to the Clydebank Post afterwards, revealed he has been "overwhelmed" with the positive feedback he has received.

Clydebank Post: Oli, as always, put on a proper displayOli, as always, put on a proper display (Image: Tom Grant)

He said: “We loved it and it was probably the busiest it has ever been.

“Each year it gets a little bit busier and it’s so nice.

“The lead-up to it is stressful and the week before is madness.

“But on the night it’s always worth it to see the reaction, it’s just great.”

Before adding: “I had a lot of fun last night, the house looked amazing.”

Alongside fiancé Marc Davies who played the rabbit, Claire MacKinnon who starred as the Queen of Hearts and Lauren Carson who was Alice, Oli came out to around 150 guisers at around 6pm on All Hallows' Eve.

Clydebank Post: Hundreds of punters filled Dalton Aveune to have a lookHundreds of punters filled Dalton Aveune to have a look (Image: Tom Grant)

The display included a table all set with expensive crockery for the tea party alongside a six Queen of Hearts playing card.

The group all self-fund the show as a way to give something back to the local community.

They were up at 6am setting up the display and again late into the night taking it all down after those watching had long gone to bed.

Oli continued: “We tend to just go until people aren’t there anymore.

“Naturally it will whittle out about 9pm, the kids have gone home and gone to bed.

“But then after it we need to take it all down.

“I am absolutely knackered, but I am alive.”

The 26-year-old thanked his lucky stars the weather stayed dry for his night and revealed he already knows what theme he will be opting for next Hallowe'en.

“We know what we are doing for next year," Oli finished.

“I always know what I am doing for the next year before that year has even happened.

“But it is hard, because you need to think about, something you can decorate for and something that has a character in it that can talk and interact with the audience.”