AN ACCOUNTANCY student told cops “I’ll kill you paedo b*****ds” whilst she was being arrested.

Chloe McDonald, from Dumbarton, appeared in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court this week, alongside her partner Jordin Cairns, from Yoker.

The pair were on Sauchiehall Street at 1am on November 13, 2021, following a night out when cops spotted McDonald shouting towards another member of the public.

When approaching her, officers were told “f**k off, I’m not getting the jail”.

Cairns attempted to intervene by grabbing McDonald, 22, and refusing to let go of her.

Whilst being held, McDonald spat towards an officer, and she was taken hold of by cops.

However, Cairns, 26, made several attempts to stop them from arresting his partner by grabbing her.

She told officers: “I’ll f*****g kill you paedo b******s, you are all f*****g paedophiles, you are a paedo, you baldy b*****d.”

Due to her behaviour, fast straps were applied, and Cairns again tried to make attempts to free her.

Both were arrested and taken to Govan police office.

They made no reply to caution and charge.

Cairns’ lawyer explained her client is in employment and would be able to pay a fine.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s solicitor explained her client, who has no previous convictions, is “very much ashamed and disgusted”.

She added: “She had been out drinking with friends and her partner. She tried to intervene in an argument between her partner and another male.

“She does accept full responsibility for her actions. She is assessed as being at low risk of reoffending. She is an accountancy student at university. She also works and has achieved a managerial role with her employer.

“There are no underlying issues. It appears on this occasion she had far too much to drink. The behaviour was out of character.”

Sheriff Mark McGuire said: “What I don’t understand is the allegations of paedophilia that were directed towards police loudly in a public place when officers are trying to arrest a young woman.

“That could have placed officers in danger if there was any public disorder as a result. “

The sheriff told Cairns: “Your conduct was not acceptable. You were simply trying to protect your co-accused but you should have stayed out of it."

He was fined £240.

Meanwhile, he told McDonald: “Your solicitor advises me you are ashamed and so you should be.

“How dare you engage in behaviour such as this towards police officers who are out trying to protect people.

"The only reason that I’m not going to impose a punishment more significant is because of your age and the fact you’re taking significant steps to better yourself.”

She was fined £760.

The sheriff added: “Do not ever let me see you again.”