KEVIN Bridges took to social media this morning to make an “exciting” announcement.

The Clydebank funnyman joked that he is set to join the likes of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift as he enters the world of cinema.

The 36-year-old confirmed that his latest stand-up special, ‘The Overdue Catchup’ will be released in cinemas next month bringing ‘Big Kev’ to the big screen.

In a video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, Kevin said: “Announcement time everybody, it’s a big one, quite exciting.

“I can confirm finally that my latest stand-up special, ‘The Overdue Catchup’ will be released on November 17 and it will be released, wait until you hear this, in the cinemas.

“I saw Taylor Swift and Beyonce were putting their live shows out in the pictures so I thought it was only natural that big Kev followed suit, another big babe in the pictures.”

The Clydebank-born comedian added that tickets will be on sale at all of the big cinema chains as well as smaller independent ones.

Fans have been told to expect “something different” including additional content, bonus footage, and behind-the-scenes clips.

Kevin added: “It’s going to be something different, something exciting, there will be additional content, bonus footage, behind the scenes to really add to the cinema-going experience.

“Maybe after the cinemas it’ll get put out on the dodgy firesticks and all that stuff but in the meantime, November 17 Big Kev in the pictures.”

A list of cinemas where 'The Overdue Catchup' will be shown can be found HERE.