A NIGERIAN man insists he has never experienced the kind of love he received from Faifley locals last Sunday - even when back home in Nigeria.

Danny Mordi admits he had his doubts about organising a Nigeria Independence Day celebration at Faifley Parish Church on October 1 due to fears his community wouldn't be accepted in the area.

Now, after a successful day that saw the African community come together with Faifley natives to mark Nigeria's independence - gained by breaking free from British rule on the same day in 1960 - Danny says he can't put into words how happy he is living in Clydebank.

Clydebank Post: Clydebank's MP and Provost enjoyed their afternoonClydebank's MP and Provost enjoyed their afternoon (Image: Supplied)

Clydebank Post: ‘It was such a privilege to attend Faifley Parish Church to help celebrate Africa Day.'‘It was such a privilege to attend Faifley Parish Church to help celebrate Africa Day.' (Image: Supplied)

He told the Clydebank Post: “We had so many doubts, so many worries because of what we heard from the media.

"The community has been very welcoming, I have not experienced that kind of love in a long while, even back home in Nigeria.

“When I came initially, I had no job, nothing to do, the food pantry was essential because I know that we are not going to go starving.

"To use the word happy is an understatement, I am grateful, I am rejoiceful, the words to describe being here I don’t think the dictionary has invented it yet.”

To celebrate the day, Gregor McIntyre, Minister of Faifley Parish Church invited the African community to be involved in the service with them leading the prayers, reading bible passages, and singing their national anthem.

Clydebank Post: Marie McNair MSP was also in attendanceMarie McNair MSP was also in attendance (Image: Supplied)

The children were involved too, designing a colourful map of Africa at Sunday School and handmaking harvest cards.

The service was attended by Provost Douglas McAllister, Martin Docherty-Hughes MP, and Marie McNair MSP all showing support for their constituency’s growing African community.

Mr Docherty-Hughes said: “Over one hundred people in the Parish today, you saw just how diverse it was, how celebratory and how people were engaging and actually integrating, so yeah, absolutely brilliant to be here today and join in that celebration.

“It’s great to see people moving into Clydebank, making Clydebank their home.

"My grandparents came here from another country like so many others, Clydebank is a diverse place, the more people that come here the more vibrant it becomes. A place that you want to live.”

Provost McAllister added: "It was such a privilege to attend Faifley Parish Church to help celebrate Africa Day. 

"It was a pleasure to be included in the celebration to recognise the growth of the black community in Faifley and across my home town of Clydebank."