A DISTRAUGHT daughter admits her dad has been in “emotional turmoil” since his dog was left clinging to life following a vicious late-night attack by another dog.

Sam Mannion was speaking after George Stewart’s four-year-old Beagle Charlie suffered horrific injuries which needed more than one hundred stitches and emergency surgery to save his life.

During the attack – which happened at around midnight on Sunday, September 25 on Holly Street - the aggressing dog also bit George’s leg, resulting in a tetanus shot as well as antibiotics and a dressing of the wound.

Now, nearly a week later, Sam admits George has been unable to shift the image of Charlie as the offending dog “ripped him apart” during the frenzied 10-minute barrage of violence.

Clydebank Post: Beagle Charlie before and after the attackBeagle Charlie before and after the attack (Image: Supplied)

Speaking exclusively to the Clydebank Post, Sam said: “It has been absolutely heartbreaking.

“My dad isn’t sleeping. He hasn’t slept since Sunday because all he can see is the attack.

“He’s like, ‘every time I close my eyes, I see that dog eating pieces of Charlie'.”

The incident occurred after George took Charlie on a later-than-usual walk due to being caught up decorating his home.

It meant the dead of night stroll during which Charlie was snatched by the dog who is believed to have run free from its home without the owner's awareness.

Charlie only got free from the attacking canine’s clutches after George was forced to kick it numerous times.

His Beagle then ran off frightened, only to be found a mile and a half away, barely breathing.

“My dad was screaming in the street for help and loads of the neighbours came out,” Sam added.

Clydebank Post: George was also bittenGeorge was also bitten (Image: Supplied)

“Everybody knows Charlie because he is such a loveable wee dog.”

The police were called to trace the offending dog's owners.

Sam and her dad George want to thank the community for their help in finding Charlie but warn their beloved dog is not out of the woods from the injuries he suffered yet.

She finished: “His wounds are breaking down and there is not a tissue left after the attack.

“He might end up going for more surgery, just to try and get the bad tissue out and see what we are left with.”

Sam added: “His guts aren’t working just now, he is still continuing to be sick.

“He has not eaten since Sunday, so we are taking it every 12 hours at a time.

“Yesterday we spoke about potentially euthanising him.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "We were made aware of a man and a dog having been attacked by another dog around 12.15am on Monday, 25 September on Holly Street in Clydebank.

"The man and dog received treatment for injuries sustained in the incident.

"Enquiries remain ongoing."