Bankies enjoyed the fun of the fair over the weekend as the carnival came to town.

Taylors of Edinburgh rolled into Clydebank on Friday and brought with them bags of entertainment such as thrilling rides, carnival games and the traditional candyfloss. 

The weather played its part for most of the weekend with Saturday in particular staying dry and the area's youngsters were all smiles as they got to enjoy their day out.

We asked you all to submit your favourite picture of you and your kids enjoying themselves at the event and as always, you didn't disappoint.

Check out the pics below.

Clydebank Post: This young lad enjoying himself. Is that a duck?This young lad enjoying himself. Is that a duck? (Image: Supplied by Kirsty White)

Clydebank Post: This pair enjoying the dodgemsThis pair enjoying the dodgems (Image: Supplied - Steph Owens)

Clydebank Post: These three asking Dad for more money for the gamesThese three asking Dad for more money for the games (Image: Supplied - James Maginn)

Clydebank Post: A pair of pandasA pair of pandas (Image: Supplied - Laura Mccomish)

Clydebank Post: Loving the swingsLoving the swings (Image: Supplied - Shannon Gordon)

Clydebank Post: Leah loving the carnivalLeah loving the carnival (Image: Supplied - Lisa Harper)

Clydebank Post: Scream if you wanna go fasterScream if you wanna go faster (Image: Supplied - Heather Noon)

Clydebank Post: Jayden loving the teacupsJayden loving the teacups (Image: Sourced - Maggie May McGinty)

The carnival is in town until Saturday, October 7.