A group of musicians from across the west of Scotland are rallying round for a much-loved Clydebank singer who recently went through “life-changing” surgery.

Stixx Diamond has been described as a “mainstay” on the pub music scene, entertaining locals across the region across over 35 years of gigging.

Sadly, the talented musician – who it is believed has knocked out over 6,000 shows in his time – had to have his leg removed from below the knee due to his diabetes.

It means his future as a performer has been thrown into doubt and old friend and fellow Clydebank High alumni Graham Holley - who himself performs - insists it is time to give back to a man who has serenaded thousands of natives since the eighties.

Speaking exclusively to the Clydebank Post, Graham said: “His whole lifestyle for the past 35, 40 years has now come to an abrupt halt because of this.

“There is absolutely nothing to suggest he couldn’t play in the future, but certainly not for the next six months to a year, maybe longer.

“Plus, there is the mental aspect, will he be in a good mental place to go out and do it?

“He’s just hit this brick wall basically.”

Graham is putting on a benefit concert for Stixx, with the aim of helping out a musician he calls “ground-breaking” and “pioneering” over the tough few months ahead.

“Stixx started doing this in the mid-to-late eighties, and when he was doing it, he made all the tapes himself,” Graham continued.

“He played all the bits and pieces [of a track] himself, and he would put them on to cassette tapes where he would have all his tracks on a tape and he would play anywhere.

“He was really ground-breaking as he was doing this before the technology would allow.”

Graham added: “When you are a gigging musician, in terms of the gig economy, if you are not working, you are not eating, so, he hasn’t got any means of income other than gigs.

“So, his income has ground to a halt as well, so this is hopefully some way of just trying to get him over the next few months.”

The benefit gig – tickets priced at £12 - has been organised for Sunday, November 5 at Duntocher Village Hall - with Stixx himself being Duntocher born and bred.

The event will run from 1pm to 6pm and will include contributions from tribute acts, performing as Elton John, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac and The Police as well as others playing a mixture of songs from various artists and eras.

Guests can also get on stage themselves and sing a song for £10 with all proceeds going to Stixx.

Graham finished: “He’s been doing what he loves for the last 35 years and putting food on the table.

“I think he has earned the right for us to give a little back to him.”