A DALMUIR writer has told of his journey from self-doubt to releasing his own poetry collection.

Thomas Cox recently celebrated the launch of his latest collection titled ‘Ten Times Tam’ which features ten poems written between 2020 and 2023.

Clydebank Post: Thomas's latest collection features ten poems written during the last three yearsThomas's latest collection features ten poems written during the last three years (Image: Newsquest staff)However, Thomas, also known as Tam, admits it took some time for him to develop the confidence he needed to get into writing.

He said: “Years ago I wasn’t good at writing or spelling and it put me off trying, then I joined the Clydebank Writers Group and that changed.

“For years I thought I would have to teach myself to write how others were writing rather than how I would do it.

“For instance, I admire Rabbie Burns but at the same time, I don’t understand much of his stuff.

“The writer's group is a good group and we all encourage each other, it’s made a big improvement in my confidence.

"I've written well over one hundred poems and they are all varied, I write mainly about my life. I was really happy with the book as I wanted to have something to pass on when I’m no longer here.”

The 53-year-old hailed the local writing group as being his biggest motivation.

Clydebank Post: He also said it has provided him with a brilliant support system over the years following the death of his beloved mum.

Thomas added: “For a few years I’ve been suffering from depression after my mum passed away.

“I have ups and downs as everyone does in life but writing helps. I don’t feel motivated unless I go to the group so it definitely helps with my mental health.

“I don’t think I’d be here without it.”

Last month, a small event was held to mark the one-off publication of ‘Ten Times Tam’.

Thomas explained that even though he isn’t keen on public speaking he did get up to read one of his poems out to attendees.

Among them was Marie McNair, Clydebank’s MSP, who told the Post it was a “privilege” to be invited.

Ms McNair said: “It was a delight to attend the launch of Thomas’ collection of poems, Ten Times Tam.

“I have known Thomas for many years and I was delighted to show my support for a local poet. It was a privilege to hear him read alongside the Clydebank Writers Group.

“He is passionate about his work and all his poems are heartfelt and have deep meaning”