The council has reassured Knightswood residents they will replace stolen bins free of charge after a recent spate of thefts in the area.

People living around Chaplet Avenue and Locksley Avenue told the Clydebank Post they had experienced their wheelie bins going missing from outside their homes last week.

One resident, Christine Jackson, claimed she even had to confront youths who were in the process of making off with four of them.

She said: "It’s been reported to police and councillors but it never seems to work as there are no deterrents.

"I’ve done my bit confronting them and getting the four bins back."

Other Knightswood natives say bins are being taken to be set alight, with it claimed one blue bin was found close to the site of Knightswood Park Bowling Green.

Police Scotland, however, say they had not received any reports of bins being stolen or ablaze in the Knightswood area recently.

Glasgow City Council vowed any local whose blue bin is subject to this kind of act can have it replaced free of charge and advised residents to contact police to report a crime.

A spokesperson said: "Stealing and vandalising recycling bins are crimes that should be reported to the police.

"We are aware that theft and vandalism of bins does happen in places across the city, but we have no specific information about the cases that have been highlighted.

"Where appropriate, residents should also inform their factor or housing association of an issue so they can determine what action can be taken to deter theft or vandalism.

"Replacement recycling bins can be ordered online for no charge."