CHILDREN at a local primary school could be the first ever in its history to miss out on an “invaluable” annual trip due to rising costs.

Primary seven pupils at St Paul’s in Whiteinch are hoping to visit Blairvadach Outdoor Centre in Helensburgh early next year.

Clydebank Post: Primary seven pupils at St Paul's are on a fundraising mission Primary seven pupils at St Paul's are on a fundraising mission (Image: Gordon Terris)

However, the youngsters must raise £5,000 by the start of November to ensure the holiday is accessible to all during a time when many families struggle with the cost-of-living crisis.

If the children are successful in their fundraising bid parents, carers, and guardians will still have to pay £100 per child to secure their spot.

With Christmas fast approaching at this time of year, there are concerns over the pressure on families.

Mellissa Stewart, a primary seven teacher at St Paul’s, told the Post that the annual trip is “priceless” for young peoples’ development and the fundraiser is to keep costs down.

Clydebank Post: [Left to right] Clare Mooney and Mellissa Stewart, primary seven teachers at St Paul's[Left to right] Clare Mooney and Mellissa Stewart, primary seven teachers at St Paul's (Image: Gordon Terris)

Miss Stewart said: “It’s an invaluable experience, particularly for our children as some of them have never been on a holiday before.

“It’s really important for them to get the opportunity to go and build relationships and to have new experiences, it’s just priceless for them all."

She added: “Another important aspect is that they don’t want maybe one or two people not to be able to go. There’s a real team spirit amongst the primary sevens, they’re all so desperate for everyone to go and have a great time.

“There are many factors playing a part and even £100 is a lot to ask for. The kids aren’t wee anymore and they understand things cost money.

“With Christmas coming up it’s going to be a really difficult time for all parents. We want to raise as much as possible to take the pressure off families and make it more accessible for everybody.”

It is understood that the trip must be paid for in full by early November or the class will be forced to cancel.

Determined youngsters managed to raise £700 through donations from family and friends over the school summer holidays and so far nearly £600 has been raised via St Paul’s GoFundMe page.

The talented pupils also wrote poems and raps which they performed in a video appeal posted to social media.

Clare Mooney, who is also a primary seven teacher at St Paul’s, added: “They will be the first year that don’t get to go if we don’t raise the money.

“Prices have gone up and it would cost around £500 per child right now so if we can raise the five grand it keeps the price down.

“We haven’t had to fundraise before but everything is increasing and everyone is struggling with the cost of living.

“I think it’s a shame as the kids know their families are dealing with rising costs and it’s not fair that they miss out.

“They are really committed to raising this money for example over the holidays I drove down Victoria Road and spotted three of our pupils busking – although I had to remind them the summer fundraiser was family and friends only.”

In addition to the class’s GoFundMe page, they are also running various other events including a bake sale, jumble sale, a disco, and a sponsored 5k at Victoria Park this Saturday (August 26).

Those able to donate can do so by visiting HERE.