A CLYDEBANK pensioner has raised fears over a manhole cover that could pose a “major risk” to local residents.

Archie Provan told the Post he first noticed the cover, which is located just off Cable Depot Road, wasn’t fully secure around two or three years ago.

Clydebank Post: The safety rail The safety rail (Image: Newsquest staff)

The 72-year-old explained that the cover can pop open when people walk across it and it can be lifted up, giving access to the sewer below.

After reporting the issue to Scottish Water at the start of the year, Archie says an engineer attended the same day and closed the cover but he feels more must be done to secure it.

Archie said: “If folk walk over it, it bounces and eventually opens up. At the moment it’s sitting just slightly open and that means kids can lift it up and get access to the safety rail.

“If this is lifted up it’s a big, big vertical drop. When you go to close it you can’t see anything but you can hear the water rushing at the bottom.

“I think the sewer goes under the River Clyde at that point [in the system], that’s why it’s so deep.

"I’ve reported it three times now but Scottish Water never actually do anything to properly secure it.

“It needs to be bolted shut so only the engineers can open it.”

Archie said his concerns stem from the popularity of the path next to the cover.

Not only is the area a regular spot for dog walkers – including Archie himself – but it also appears to be popular with young people.

Clydebank Post: The cover is located off a path next to the River Clyde The cover is located off a path next to the River Clyde (Image: Newsquest staff)

Images taken next to the site show charred grass and empty alcohol containers.

Clydebank Post: Charred grass next to the coverCharred grass next to the cover (Image: Newsquest staff)

Clydebank Post:

Archie added: “I am concerned because a lot of people walk around here. It’s one of the newer walkways along the Clyde and lots of folk run or walk their dogs here.

“The days are getting shorter so it’s going to get dark quite early. If that cover is open it’s going to be a major risk.

"If the safety rail is lifted up there's nothing to stop people falling in."

A Scottish Water spokesperson confirmed they are investigating the issue.

A statement reads: “We will investigate this matter as soon as possible and if we find any issues or faults with our infrastructure, appropriate action will be taken.

“We thank the customer for bringing this to our attention.”