It has been a firm favourite for decades, entertaining generations before the school run and bedtimes.

But now children’s TV channel CITV will be ending after 40 years as the broadcaster introduces ITVX Kids - the children's service on ITV's new streaming service ITVX.

Many will remember watching the likes of Jungle Run, My Parents are Aliens, Rainbow, Rosie and Jim and hundreds more since CITV first launched in 1983.

ITV says the change comes due to the way parents are streaming TV shows for their children in the ever-changing digital ways.

When will children’s TV channel CITV close?

ITV told Sky News: "As a consequence of this new streaming approach and responding to the changing ways children and their parents are increasingly accessing content, the CITV broadcast channel will close after the summer holidays on 1st September."

Actor Matthew Kelly was the first presenter on the channel in 1983 before Stephen Mulhern and Danielle Nicholls became the hosts in 1993.

In January this year, CITV celebrated its 30th anniversary with an ‘Old Skool’ programme schedule.

Sky News adds: “ITV says ITVX Kids will ‘supercharge’ its presence in streaming, doubling its current kids' content offering with more than 100 shows and over 1,000 hours of programming - including comedy, gameshows, live action, animation and sport.”

The new entertainment streaming service will be aimed at “school-age and pre-school age children”, ITV has confirmed.

The news comes as the BBC recently announced its own plans to axe another well-loved children’s channel, CBBC by 2025 – the home of Blue Peter and Newsround.

CITV viewers reminisce over popular children’s TV channel as it’s set to close in 2 weeks

One viewer who said it was the “end of an era”, wrote: “So it's confirmed that CITV will shut down on September 1st. Well and truly the end of an era. I grew up with that channel with shows such as Horrid Henry Jungle Run and Art Attack. CBBC is going soon as well. Sad times for the Kids TV industry. #CITV”

TV presenter Michael Underwood commented: “So #CITV is closing on 1st Sept. I suppose it was inevitable, but that doesn't make it any less sad. I had so many memorable moments on @ChildrensITV and was fortunate enough to present on the legendary #JungleRun. It was easily one the best experiences I had on children's TV.”

Another fan posted: “this is SO sad. an absolute staple for working class kids like myself who’s parents maybe couldn’t afford to pay for extra channels like Disney channel. I owe SO much of my childhood to CITV. Gutted”

Wondering if there’s still a place for children’s TV on “digital terrestrial TV”, a user asked: "CITV closing down!

“The digital era has really had an impact on children's television with the consumption of shows moving to platforms like YouTube.

“But even with that surely there's still a place for dedicated children's shows on digital terrestrial TV?!”