The Provost of West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) is calling for a public inquiry into plans to build a 560W battery farm on 29 hectares of greenbelt fields behind Faifley.

Douglas McAllister says he plans to put in a formal objection to the bid to the Scottish Government’s environmental planning committee due to fears the concerns of local politicians and residents are being ignored.

This week, the Clydebank Post reported on councillors and MSPs from both the SNP and Labour condemning the controversial proposals, which have been earmarked for land in East Dunbartonshire but next to Cochno Road.

Now, Provost McAllister has stated he and the council are prepared to take their fight to Holyrood with an objection to the section 36 application.

Speaking exclusively to the Post, Mr McAllister said: "I am demanding a public enquiry on behalf of the residents of Faifley and Hardgate.

“It is essential that their concerns are not ignored by Scottish Ministers.

“I have insisted that West Dunbartonshire Council object to this application and we shall ask East Dunbartonshire Council to do the same."

A section 36 planning application relates to the construction, extension or operation of an onshore electricity generating station whose capacity exceeds 50 megawatts (MW).

These types of developments bypass local council planning committees and go straight to the Scottish Government Energy Consent Unit.

However, if and when WDC put in an objection, it will force Scottish Ministers to appoint an independent reporter to conduct a public enquiry through the Scottish Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA).

This means Scottish Ministers will cease to have a role in the application until the inquiry has concluded and the reporter’s report is received.

And Provost McAllister added that is just what he intends to do.